A high school football team in the San Francisco area is showing their full support for Colin Kaepernick, as the entire team took a knee during the national anthem prior to their game last night.


Even though plenty of people want to silence this conversation, that doesn’t appear like it’s going to happen anytime soon. The kids from Mission High School wanted to get people talking as well, along with supporting their guy in the bay area.

Was it me, or did the news anchor speaking at the start of the video seem somewhat bothered by what she had to talk about? There are way too many people who are scared to talk about all of this.

This was actually the second time this season that the entire team took a knee. They did it in the first game as well and plan to keep on doing it so far.

One of the team captains told USA Today “This is for helping everybody else in the world to understand that black people and people of color are going through difficulties and they need help. It’s not going to take care of itself.”

Nice to see the younger crowd taking an interest in all of this as well and making people keep talking.