Chris Bosh received some bad news this morning as he looks to return to game action after multiple issues with blood clots last season. The Miami Heat reportedly announced this morning that Bosh failed his team physical, which means they will not clear him to play this season. There is a chance that Bosh will seek another opinion outside of the team but that still won’t likely mean much in regards to getting on the court.


A person with knowledge of the situation spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press because neither Bosh nor the team has announced the result. The Miami Herald reported earlier Friday that the Heat will not clear Bosh to return.

This doesn’t mean it’s over just yet. The players association will likely get involved to make sure Bosh is being treated fairly and that the Heat aren’t just trying to move on from him. In the event the Heat refuse to allow him to play all year, he could ask that they release his rights so he could sign elsewhere but the odds of another team signing him, knowing the blood clot issue, will be slim to none.

Bosh’s past two seasons were cut short by clotting issues, which could cost him his life if he pushes too much and the clots linger. This is certainly sad news for the 11 time all-star but hopefully it’s not the end of the road yet.