Ciara and Future have been going back in fourth in the courts since the winter, after Ciara got fed up when Future called her a bitch on Twitter. She quickly sued him for slander, to which he then counter-sued, though he’s since dropped his suit. Ciara’s is full steam ahead, however.

Now, CiCi is demanding the judge grant a permanent injunction against Future, preventing him from ever speaking negatively about her in the press or on social media ever again.

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In the newly-filed documents, Ciara’s legal team writes:

“Unless enjoined and restrained by the Court, Defendant will republish, repeat and continue to disseminate the Tweets. Such continued republications and dissemination of the defamatory and offensive falsehoods will cause irreparable harm to Plaintiff by damaging her reputation and adversely affecting her philanthropic and business efforts as well as her personal relationships.”

The judge has yet to make a decision.

Source: The Jasmine Brand