Rich the Kid’s girlfriend is now putting him on full blast. Miss Twerk Sum posted a photo on her Instagram of her sister, who is allegedly married to Rich, with bruises all over her face. Twerk spoke to the ladies telling them to value themselves.

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The caption on the photo read,

I see so many ppl writing goals under other ppl relationship post /pictures but you never really know what goes on behind the scenes . My sister @realladyluscious is married to @richthekid a rapper who ppl look up to that degrades and disrespect her as if he doesn’t even know he’s married and has two kids ( one on the way ) . I’ve seen so much in my 24 years of living but I never want to be a victim of being physically/ verbally abused by a boy who doesn’t know the worth of a Woman . So I say this to say everything is not what it seems to be on the Internet . Stop posting goals and value yourself and find someone to value and respect you . I’ve had my experiences with men (well one be particular ) that taught me to value myself and start looking deeper into what I really need in a Man and not what you think you want . Yeah he has money, but does he ask you how your day is going ? Yeah he’s attractive , but does he tell you that you’re beautiful ? The simple things are what matters. Not money ,fame , cars etc . #awareness

Miss Twerk Sum’s sister also spoke on the matter saying,

Besides @richthekid being verbally abusive he was physically abusive too another reason why I will never put myself in that foul ass relationship again he tries to play victim and says this is about me being bitter no you’re making it about me and you when I came to you as a woman and asked for you to help on your kids since you can splurge and do other things …you was just trying to get back with me when you was in Atlanta so how am I the bitter one I have no worries when you do bad to ppl your karma will come especially trying to play about kids you wanted

The woman goes by the name of Elle. She spoke on Rich telling his Twitter followers that the whole thing is fake. Elle says,

So I hit myself lies I even called your mom when it happened and you know what she asked me “what did you do” you would do better if you knew better I have friends that know what you did my family and also yours so let’s not play dumb @richthekid everything comes to light you even have put your hands on me when we lived in La in front of some of your celebrity friends and they just stood around and watched you’re foul as fuck and you know it I’ve just been trying to be cordial even with everything you have done

Elle even showed a photo of her marriage certificate in which Rich says doesnt exist because he doesnt know her. She says,

When @richthekid writes the blogs and tries to deny even knowing me or deny the fact he is married but you just came to Atlanta and came to my house begging for your family back sit your dumb ass down I don’t want you the next bitch can have you but you left the BET AWARDS EARLY POPPING UP AT MY HOUSE UNANNOUNCED BUT IM HATING ???? sit your confused ass down

Rich responded to the allegations saying,

I swear the devil always working.. people always lying & these niggas always haten but God got me?? #keepflexin

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