Nate Parker’s Birth of A Nation is in theaters this Friday, and Nate is currently making his media rounds to promote it. The film is based on the true story of an enslaved preacher by the name of Nat Turner, who ends up creating a violent and historic slave rebellion. The film is heavy and necessary in today’s climate, but it is being overshadowed by a rape case from Nate’s past.

In college, the actor was accused of raping a young woman with his friends, and though he was later acquitted, some feel that it wasn’t legit because the acquittal was only based on the fact they’d had consensual sex before the alleged incident. To add insult to injury, the woman committed suicide in 2012.

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Nate has had to address the rape in almost every interview he’s done to promote the film, and he appears to be tired of it. Appearing on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts today, he came across as quite egotistical as he refused to address the topic once more, and remained unapologetic – and it has people pretty upset.

Check out the video below, and a few reactions over at Hot 97.