There was a rumor going around that India Love was now seeing Drake after he recently broke up with Rihanna. The Toronto native was once dating Crystal Westbrook so the India Love rumor caught everyone off guard being that the two are sisters.

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Westbrook made a comment on a blog picture coming at her sister’s throat for messing with Drake. She even stated she felt like Ray J with the ‘I hit it first’ analogy. I guess Westbrook had a change of heart as she took to Instagram to say how she felt like crap for accusing her sister of such a thing.

She said,

I reacted like an idiot to a story that I clearly knew nothing about nor was true. So sorry baby girl, love u more than u love french fries

Just a little confused as to why Westbrook would address the issue on social media before she addressed her sister. In all honesty, it wasn’t that deep! Hopefully these two hashed it out and can move on.

Source: IG