Nunes,the champ lest we not forget, is convinced that she is ready to beat fallen champ Ronda Rousey on December 30th at UFC 207.

Nunes is the current reigning bantamweight queen and she is completely fired up and stoked about Ronda taking the fight and Dana White and the UFC for making it possible. She knows that Ronda only had the one loss in her career and that it’s going to be a serious bout, but she is ready. She claims she knows all of Ronda’s moves and has been training for this fight since her first one. In her opinion, Rousey deserves a title fight right away, she was the #1 athlete in the country for a while.

“…I’m stronger than ever…I’m going to enjoy every single moment…”

This is going to be one serious fight, I won’t miss it, will you?

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