Jim Nantz is a well respected figure in sports media and has been calling huge sporting events for years. He is the voice of the NFL on CBS and it’s that voice that has him in some hot water today. While recently calling a Thursday night game between the Bengals and Dolphins, Nantz was caught criticizing players on the Dolphins who were kneeling during the national anthem. Nantz thought his mic was off but the problem for him is it wasn’t.


The fact that Nantz had critical words for players kneeling isn’t really the big issue because even other players and coaches and so on have shared their thoughts on it. The issue is Nantz trying to hide how he really feels, especially from millions of viewers.

You can clearly hear him say “nope, two kneelers. They’re going to keep kneeling as long as they have cameras right in their face.”

Nantz is insinuating that these players aren’t kneeling for valid reasons and are only doing it because of the attention the cameras bring, which is definitely not an opinion he wants people to know.

Seeing how the game was on September 29th and nobody caught this until recently, I doubt his remarks were heard by viewers but clearly his mic was still on and it was recorded.

H/t The Score