The Grammy awards are starting to cross people’s minds as we approach December when nominations are announced. This year Frank Ocean made his inevitable return with Blonde, but unfortunately it won’t be winning any Grammys.

Frankie Zing

It’s a shame because his album was one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year and artists like Drake, Adele and Beyonce, are prob wiping their foreheads because he would pose a serious threat to them gold gramophones!

It has nothing to do with streaming issues or anything, but just on the sole fact that he didn’t submit it for consideration. He missed the deadline to have his album considered. Obviously I’m sure there would be something you could do for an artist like Frank Ocean, but there’s no word yet on whether or not this was intentional of him or not.

His last album Channel ORANGE won the Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album in 2013 and he also snagged multiple nominations and awards that night. I’m hoping they reconsider and review his album for consideration!