Jeffrey Scott Jones was accused of molesting and having sex with a teen that was related to his live-in girlfriend in 2012 and 2013. The California resident was convicted Wednesday for the crime. Upon the verdict being read, Jones took a razor and slit his throat.

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DNA showed that Jones actually had relationships with two underage girls whom he later married. The defense tried to argue that the DNA was not conclusive and that the girl was trying to cover up her marijuana usage. After two hours, the Santa Ana jury decided to convict Jones of the horrific crime. Prosecutor Heather Brown says,

“Right after the judge asked if we wanted jurors polled, both attorneys said no, and then he took a razor out of his left pocket and slashed his throat. His head hit the table, and I thought he fainted. But then I saw the blood and the razor on the table.”

Everyone is trying to figure out how Jones even got the razor pass security. Defense attorney Ed Welbourn says,

“I didn’t see it even though I was sitting next to him. At that point, he passed out or something happened and he hit the table, which is when I noticed something was happening.”

He went on to say,

“It’s very unfortunate, the whole thing. We respect the jury’s decision, but we thought there was reasonable doubt as to what occurred … It’s just terrible. The good news is it looks like he will recover.”

Source: NYDailyNews