While the Broncos were on the field, someone was breaking into DeMarcus Ware’s home during Monday Night Football. How disrespectful.

Ware tweeted after the game that his house was broken into and thankfully no one was at home. It seems that the perps are on candid camera though, as Ware’s house seems to be well secure with closed circuit cameras. Smart move DeMarcus!

Check out some pics of the robbers via TMZ. It seems that they stole Ware’s Superbowl ring among other things. I always wonder about things like that. Who are you gonna sell that to? And for what? Like $500? Ugh. I hate thieves almost as much as I loathe liars. Police are hot on their trail…you cannot escape violators!

Did I mention Broncos won?

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UPDATE: Told yall cops were gonna find the crooks. Aaaaand they got DeMarcus’ Superbowl ring back!! Can we get a one-time for the police please?!? Job well done yall!