Last week, Lil Wayne appeared on Nightline for an interview, and we’ve been talking about it ever since. His comments on the Black Lives Matter movement were disgusting, and though he’s since apologized and said that he only said it because he was upset over a previous question about his daughter. For most, that’s simply not enough.

Taking to Instagram over the weekend, T.I. called his friend out in a lengthy post, telling him that he really needs to step up for the kids who look up to him, and he’s happy to sever their friendship if it means that Wayne will reflect on his actions. It’s a powerful message and one I think was necessary on a public platform, but Wayne‘s response appeared to be simply, “Fk ya.”

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Now his daughter is taking up for Wayne as well. Reginae and Tip’s stepdaughter Zonnique were once great friends and even in the group OMG Girlz together, but they’ve gone their separate ways since and it’s clear where Nae stands. Check out what she said to her dad’s former friend in the gallery and let us know your thoughts.