This election has truly been one for the books. These poll centers have been going crazy. Earlier two women protested topless inside of a poll site. Now we see that one person was actually killed and three others were wounded after an active shooter opened fire, with military style weapons, near a polling center near Los Angeles.

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The shooting took place in Azusa, California. There was a gun battle with police at a home nearby. After a standoff with police, it was announced that the gunman was dead. Homicide Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department made a statement saying,

“We don’t know what the motive is and why this person started shooting,”

This is just the half. In Michigan, we seen footage of a white woman and a black man getting into it. The woman yelled out racial slurs calling the man a ‘n*gger.’ The woman’s husband says his wife is not racist. In fact, he says they actually have black friends. This world is super crazy. All this madness, and to top it off, we’re about to allow Donald Trump to be our president. This is super awful.

There is still hope though.

Source: TSR (IG)