Alot of us are truly fed up with Donald Trump. Some people are choosing to protest up until the very end. Two New York women showed up to Trump’s poll site topless to protest. Others showed up to not only vote, but to boo the candidate once he showed up and left the site.

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The two women showed up to the poll at around 8am. They walked pass security and then took their shirts off. They began to chant about Trump’s sexual assault scandal. In less than a minute, the women were taken out of the poll site and were actually arrested. One of the woman had “Hate Out” written on her chest, while the other one had “Trump, grab your balls,” on her torso. They both had “Femen USA” on their back which is a global organization of women activists who are actually well known for their topless protests.

Crowds of people showed up to the poll sites where they booed Trump on his way in and out to vote. Alot of people took to Twitter to share how funny it was to watch Trump get booed. One tweet read,

trump showing up to his polling place and getting booed is honestly the funniest thing i’ve ever seen

Another user wrote,

Seeing Trump get booed just made my day!

Check out bot encounters below.

Source: Complex