35-year-old Jennifer Hillard is now being charged in Douglas County with a felony theft of a motor vehicle, possession of methamphetamine, and operating a vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance. While being handcuffed, she was taken into police custody and put into the back seat as standard procedure. When officers went inside to take photos and process the scene, they were notified that the car in which Hillard was suppose to be handcuffed inside of was moving.

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Upon going outside, the officers noticed that the car was gone. Hillard had took off in it. Footage showed that she had slipped one hand out of the cuffs crawled through the glass sliding window that separates the front and back seats, slid into the drivers seat and took off. The tracking inside of the car showed that Hillard was going 100 and 126 mph. She was driving towards the city of Osakis with emergency lights on. This is crazy. Take a look at the footage below.

Source: WSHH