Tommy Hilfiger was one of the biggest brands in hip-hop in the 90s, and to this day remains hugely successful. However, for many years, there’s been a longstanding rumor about the brand’s namesake.

They say that once upon a time, Mr. Hilfiger appeared on Oprah, and said that he did not like that black people, Hispanic people and Asian people had taken to his brand so much, and that had he known they would have, he wouldn’t have made it so high-quality. It was then, the rumor says, that Oprah kicked him off the show. Did you ever wonder why you never saw footage of this? Well, that’s because it never happened!

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Sitting down with Wendy Williams to promote his new book, the fashion mogul explained that he still doesn’t know how the rumor started, but he’d actually appeared on Oprah AFTER it did, because she invited him on to dispel it. He explained that he’s always been honored that all races embraced his brand, and revealed that both Russell Simmons and Diddy enlisted his help to start Phat Farm and Sean John, respectively.

So, there it is – rumor debunked! Check out the full interview below. There’s some pretty good stories in there!