Wyclef Responds To LA Sheriff’s Department’s Apology; Says They’re Lying

On Monday night, Wyclef Jean was handcuffed for approximately 6 minutes, after LA cops pulled him over for a case of mistaken identity. Apparently, he matched the description of an armed robber they were on the lookout for – and Clef is fine with being pulled over because of this. What happened while he was pulled over is what has him upset, however, and both sides have different stories about what happened.

2 Men Arrested In Croatia After Hurling Racist Insults At Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is currently in Croatia filming for his next movie, Robin Hood: Orgiins. Unfortunately, it’s not all love in the beautiful country.

Lawsuit Filed Against Versace For Reportedly Having A Code Name For Black Shoppers

A former employee of a Versace store in the Bay Area has put out some bold claims against the company, claiming that they secretly alert their staffers upon an African-American person entering the store, and that they even have a code name for them! According to a newly-filed lawsuit, Versace managers use a store code called “D410” to make their employees aware when a black person begins browsing. Apparently, the code stems from the current code for black shirts in the store.

Sports: No Jail Time for White HS Football Player Who Raped Black Mentally Disabled Teammate With Hanger

Back in May of this year, I posted a story about three white high school football players being charged for sexually assaulting a black, mentally disabled teammate in Oct. 2015.  Now at least one of those assailants will not face any jail time.

(Photo + Video) President Barack Obama Speaks On Experiencing Racism During His Term

During a recent interview, President Barack Obama got a chance to speak on experiencing racism during his term. According to Obama he ‘absolutely’ experienced it. CNN aired Fareed Zakaria’s special report “The Legacy of Barack Obama” in which he spoke on the matter.

(Video) Snoop Dogg Says There’s Racial Profiling as NBA & NFL Test for Weed & NHL Doesn’t

Hip hop artist and well-known marijuana advocate Snoop Dogg appeared on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday morning.  Max Kellerman talked about his stance that since the NFL is in close business with alcoholic beverage companies then they shouldn’t test for marijuana since alcohol is worse for you than weed.  Kellerman asked Snoop what his stance is on that subject.  While we all expected Snoop to fully agree, he did, but he also explained another point, the racial aspect in drug testing.

TWO Government Officials Are Now Jobless After Racist Comment About Michelle Obama

Beverley Whaling, mayor of Clay, West Virginia, is out of a job after her social media racism was exposed. Earlier this month, Pamela Ramsey Taylor (pictured left,) who was the director of the government-funded Clay Development Corporation, had written on her personal Facebook page:

“It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

Apparently this delighted the now former-mayor, who commented on the status:

“Just made my day Pam.” ⠀

Of course, this went viral immediately, and now Whaling has officially resigned. As for Taylor, a representative of Clay County Development Corp said that the board “removed” her from her position as director.

(Video) Tommy Hilfiger Addresses Longstanding Rumor That He’d Said He Doesn’t Want Black People Wearing His Brand

Tommy Hilfiger was one of the biggest brands in hip-hop in the 90s, and to this day remains hugely successful. However, for many years, there’s been a longstanding rumor about the brand’s namesake. They say that once upon a time, Mr. Hilfiger appeared on Oprah, and said that he did not like that black people, Hispanic people and Asian people had taken to his brand so much, and that had he known they would have, he wouldn’t have made it so high-quality. It was then, the rumor says, that Oprah kicked him off the show. Did you ever wonder why you never saw footage of this? Well, that’s because it never happened!

Prince Harry Is Tired Of The Media Harassing His Beautiful Girlfriend Over Her Race

Prince Harry’s beautiful girlfriend is Suits actress Meghan Markle, and the media can not fathom a member of the royal family dating a black woman. In their coverage of the budding relationship, the stories have been blatantly racist, with one publication even referring to Meghan’s mother as “visibly black.” What is that?! Today, he decided to release a statement, after becoming concerned about the safety of both Meghan and her mother, as well as their well being.

(Video) NFL: In Relation to Kaepernick’s Protest, Lil Wayne Says He Believes Racism is Over

Lil Wayne appeared on “Undisputed” with Skip Bayless and was asked his take on racism in light of Colin Kaepernick’s protest.  The veteran rapper revealed that he’s NEVER dealt with racism and believes it’s over.

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