Hip hop artist and well-known marijuana advocate Snoop Dogg appeared on ESPN’s First Take on Wednesday morning.  Max Kellerman talked about his stance that since the NFL is in close business with alcoholic beverage companies then they shouldn’t test for marijuana since alcohol is worse for you than weed.  Kellerman asked Snoop what his stance is on that subject.  While we all expected Snoop to fully agree, he did, but he also explained another point, the racial aspect in drug testing.

Snoop feels the testing happens in the NFL and NBA, which is mostly filled with black players, while the NHL doesn’t undergo that testing.

“My position is, NHL, they don’t test for marijuana. Major League Baseball, they don’t test for marijuana. Basketball and NFL they test for marijuana,” Snoop Dogg said. “The sports that are basically dominated that people that look like me and people that do what I do. So it seems like there’s racial profiling going on, because like [Max Kellerman] said, it seems like they’re in bed with the alcohol companies and whatnot.”

“It’s not that we want you to come to work under the influence, but maybe when you’re after work and you need healing and you’re taking this medicine to help you with these migraines and these back pains and all the stuff that these pills that you take is really blowing your stomach up and messing your mind up,” he said.

“So now you’re taking something that’s prescribed by a doctor, maybe it’s just a rubbing cream, maybe it’s an edible. It doesn’t always have to be smoking. There’s different ways of being treated through this medical cannabis.  If they’re going to regulate, regulate for the right reasons and find out what it is about it that makes it work before you scruntize it and talk bad about it, because it actually helps a lot of those Hall of Famers who have moved on from the NFL, that were on prescribed drugs, now they’re on medical marijuana.  They’re able to walk, move better.  I know these guys are my friends, some of them couldn’t walk, and couldn’t do certain things until they got the medical marijuana.  Now they’re able to be back in the position to take care of their grandkids, and move around, and do the things that they want to do.”

Public opinion continues to change across the nation as more states are making medical marijuana legal, and some are going even further, making recreational marijuana legal.  As the laws continue to change, the NFL and NBA may have to reconsider their stance on the drug.  The NBA hardly tests and hands out suspensions for the drug, but it’s a major problem in the NFL, affecting players careers, most notably and recently, Josh Gordon.

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