Photo Credit: YouTube / MigosVEVO

Photo Credit: YouTube / MigosVEVO

A former employee of a Versace store in the Bay Area has put out some bold claims against the company, claiming that they secretly alert their staffers upon an African-American person entering the store, and that they even have a code name for them!

According to a newly-filed lawsuit, Versace managers use a store code called “D410” to make their employees aware when a black person begins browsing. Apparently, the code stems from the current code for black shirts in the store.

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The lawsuit details the confrontation between the former employee and a former manager, following the “D410” conversation. It also states that following the fight, the store refused to give him rest breaks and fired him after just two weeks. He is suing for unpaid wages and damages.

Meanwhile, Versace has already filed a request for dismissal of the suit.

Source: TMZ