They don’t call him Holiday Styles for nothing! The Ghost (which they also call him, LOL) loves Thanksgiving! He’s lost a lot of weight over the years and gotten much more healthy, but clearly he reserves this day of feasting to go IN! Find out what a Styles P Thanksgiving is all about below.

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Via The Boombox:

“I can’t remember any single memory in particular because Thanksgiving is usually just my whole family being there. It’s really just the essence of seeing family and friends you don’t usually get to see, just sitting down and seeing each other. Just relaxing and being humble about having the time to do that. We go big. I ain’t gon’ lie.

“We do Thanksgiving big and what I really love about it, it’s hard to say because we do it at my house sometimes, or we’ll go to my mom’s house, then we go to my wife’s mom’s house, then we go to the sister-in law’s house. My cousins, my other cousins’ [house] … We go to different houses, so that’s dope too. Just to experience going to everybody’s house every year. So yeah, it’s always dope to see so much of your family and break bread.

“I love stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey of course. My favorite, favorite are the yams with the marshmallows in ’em. Gotta do it with the marshmallows. I don’t know, ’cause at my house it’s always mad shit, it’s everything. We do the Thanksgiving [turkey] then we do the fish, we do the steaks, all the meat, the lamb — all that shit. But me? I’m mainly the turkey, stuffing, yams kinda guy. I ain’t really that big on the macaroni and cheese, it fucks with my stomach, but I like it that day.

I love greens too, in all the different varieties. Cornbread of course, and the biscuits. It’s like a battle between the cornbread and the biscuits. Then it’s the apple pie, the sweet potato pie. The red velvet and the yellow cakes. So it’s like, we get stupid with it.”