Much was made over the summer about how Dwyane Wade decided to sign a two year deal with his hometown Chicago Bulls rather than stay in Miami where he played his entire career to that point. There seemed (and still seems) like there were plenty of hurt feelings and egos involved between Wade and Pat Riley and while it may appear that his heart was still in Miami, Wade claims they weren’t even his second choice if he didn’t wind up signing with the Bulls.


Wade told Chris Dempsey of The Denver Post that the Nuggets reached out to him before any other teams once he became a free agent and he liked the direction they were heading. That thought stayed strong in his mind as the process with the Bulls worked out and he was ready to wind up in Denver and be happy about it.

Not too mention the Nuggets were offering $53 million dollars for just two years.

While it might sound surprising, it really shouldn’t be. The Nuggets are young and full of energy and on the edge of playoff contention this year and possibly doing even better in the next couple years.

It also seemed maybe Wade’s ego, along with Riley’s was going to prevent him from returning no matter what after not feeling valued the way he should’ve been.

Regardless, all of this is really irrelevant since Wade is happy with the Bulls but maybe he just wanted Riley to hear it in the media that he wasn’t even plan b.