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A Brooklyn woman who claimed Knicks forward, Kyle O’Quinn and his girlfriend assaulted her this past May, now claims video evidence proves her side of the story. The main issue however is the video is so grainy and the camera was far enough away from the street that you will find it incredibly hard to make out anything.


The woman, Shakaira Elie, claimed she was attacked by O’Quinn’s girlfriend after a party in Manhattan because she was jealous that O’Quinn kept looking at her during the night. She claimed the girlfriend attacked her in the street and during the fight she lost her wallet and purse.

She claims O’Quinn then attacked her after she tried to confront him and his friends about her purse. In the video, a man she says is 6-foot, 10-inch Knicks forward Kyle O’Quinn appears to stand over her, throw a punch and kick her.

“The NBA and the Knicks need to take this matter very seriously,” said Elie’s attorney Marion Conde da Silveira. “Mr. O’Quinn should be severely sanctioned for violently assaulting an innocent young woman who was half his size.”

As you might expect, O’Quinn’s lawyers claim he never touched the woman and in fact she was the aggressor for the entire incident, even grabbing O’Quinn’s genitals at one point and spitting in the face of his friend.

“Kyle is completely innocent of these allegations, and the plaintiff lawyer’s action in leaking an improperly obtained video is a direct reaction to Kyle’s refusal to pay off extortion,” Walden said.

“It was a pathetic attempt since the video shows nothing. Kyle is a good man and treats all women with respect.”

For the video of the incident, click Here