Gucci and Hov have had their differences in the past over Gucci being at war with Jeezy and Hov being tight with the Snowman, but since Gucci’s release from prison this year, the two have moved on from the past and there’s still a feature Gucci hasn’t got yet he’s in the market for.

Frankie Zing

At the height of their feud in 2006 on Gucci’s ‘745’, he rapped:

“Do I smell pussy? Naw thats Jeezy..you ain’t a snowman you more like a snowflake/Cupcake cornflake nigga you too fake/Beyonce/Oh thats your fiancé?/Jeezy is the appetizer you’ll be the entrée”

Times have definitely changed, especially Gucci who’s more of a businessman and entrepreneur these days and says in a Q & A with Complex there’s one artist who wants to collaborate with that he hasn’t yet. Hit the gallery above for his response and check out a photo you never would’ve guessed you would see 10 years ago, as the two took a pic backstage at one of Beyonce’s Formation Tour stops:

The GODS !!

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