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With rumors swirling about trade talks involving Carmelo Anthony and the Cleveland Cavaliers, the idea of Lebron playing with another one of his bff’s has become a reality, although the Cavs continue to shoot down offers from the Knicks. With the two teams set to face off Saturday night in New York, Lebron was asked about how he feels about the potential of playing alongside Melo but he deflected most of the questions and instead focused on just wanting Melo to be happy.


“I just want the best for my friend, no matter what it is,” James told reporters in Cleveland. “If [Anthony’s] there in New York or if not, I just want the best for him. I want him to be happy.”

“The game comes very easy to you when you’re happy where you are. If he’s happy in New York, maybe he wants to be elsewhere. I’m not sure. He’s done a lot for that franchise. He did a lot for the Denver franchise as well. We’ll see what happens.”

There is no doubt that Melo would be happy in Cleveland, as it would put him within a realistic reach of the NBA championship that has eluded him thus far. There are only a few teams that Melo would be willing to waive his no trade clause for and the Cavs are definitely one of them.

The prospect of him winding up in Cleveland seems to become more far fetched by the day as they appear very content with keeping Kevin Love unless the Knicks come out of nowhere with a deal that just blows their minds.

It remains more likely that Melo either finishes out the season with the Knicks or winds up with either the Clippers or Celtics before a deal with the Cavs would work, which is part of the reason Lebron is saying he just wants him to be happy.