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Quinton Spain of the Tennessee Titans was in Orlando last week for Pro Bowl festivities but he never thought his time in the city would end with him being drugged and robbed by a woman he met at a club. That’s what Spain claims happened to him last week after meeting a woman in a downtown Orlando nightclub. He brought her back to his hotel room and when he woke up he noticed a watch and two gold chains were gone, along with the woman.


Spain claims when he and the woman got back to his room, she made a drink for them and he drank it. He said he doesn’t remember a thing after that point, until waking up the following morning.

When he woke up, he noticed his $40,000 Rolex was gone, along with two gold chains worth $60,000 and $13,000 respectively.

From the sounds of things, this may have been a scheme that was orchestrated a couple other times in the same week. The New York Daily News reports that two other men were victims of the same type of crime last week, although they stopped short of saying they are connected.

Police are currently looking for the woman in question.