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Earlier today we reported that Tony Durant, younger brother of Kevin Durant, took some shots at Russell Westbrook on twitter and when they started going viral, he deleted his entire account. Well, his account is back now but he might not want to check his mentions. That’s because he has an angry wife, Nina Westbrook, checking him for his tweets about her husband.

While Kevin & Russell have no desire to talk about anything regarding their friendship or lack thereof, their family members clearly have no problem talking.

In Nina’s case, she is fully justified in her response and for coming at Tony to begin with. She is defending her husband against a guy who randomly started talking about him on twitter on Thursday. Making matters worse is his last name is Durant, which will make people automatically assume he is sharing the thoughts of his older brother and would be a main reason to set Mrs. Westbrook off.

Hopefully this is the end of this and there is no more back and forth. I’m sure neither player wants their family members caught up in some social media nonsense and they damn sure don’t want to deal with questions from the media about it.

There is nothing wrong with Tony sharing his opinion the way he did but perhaps he should keep his thoughts about Russell to himself moving forward, especially when they seemingly come out of nowhere. Kevin didn’t want to stay in Oklahoma City, which is his right, so Tony shouldn’t even be worrying about Russell like that.

Written by @IamJoeSports