The feedback from #GotaStoryToTell010 with Kevin Chiles has been Tremendous! Now we have another story from NYC’s crack era by way of the Boogie Down, when history was being made in both the Music as well as on the streets…

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Drugs made so much money in that period that a multitude of Kingpins were made in a 10 year span. Edenwald has often stuck out in Hip Hop lyrics, especially Bronx MC’s respecting the top ‘Jects with all the street talk in their songs! The height of the Crack Era was ’86 to early ’90s(of course it continued but a street level guy raising up to a kingpin in a couple years was then) and the top guy in Edenwald until he got a Kingpin charge, George Silva aka Gets from 41 Crew. Being a Bronx Legend and the story of NYC streets unfolding with us, it was only right to hear what Gets has to say:

The most important part of this story is Geto acknowledging ASAP the lifestyle he chose back them is NOT the route any kid should take! Just in case, here are some point’s you may want to keep an eye/ear out for;

-Hustle Fireworks
1982; Bud is next hustle

-15yrs old; got stabbed in the neck

-‘put the beats on him’

-OG’s stepped in to push dealers off the block

-Edenwal; ‘it was lit, some was false’

-Weed to leak to crack

-Summer of ’88 spent $1M for the summer

-started using; using tale end of ’86; just turn 19, could of went off the deep end

-kidnapped; twice; changed movements

-what it was like when got out after 17yrs?