(18+ Video) Fresno Police Releases Footage Of Shooting 19 Year Old Dylan Noble

Some police officers today are just too trigger happy. Last month’s shooting of 19 year old Dylan Noble of course led to public outrage, hence he wasn’t armed – but he made cops think he was. Many are deeming it “suicide by cop” because it looks like he really wanted to get shot. Right before he was shot multiple times he cried out “I f***ing hate my life” and it ended with his young life cut short and two more police officers in the public eye for shooting an unarmed person.

(Video) Woah…School Play Stunt Goes Wrong As Students Get Set On Fire!

Idk who’s bright idea it was to try this…but you just set a bunch of kids ablaze.

(Video) 3 Wounded In Virginia Shooting Caught On Facebook Live

Man another shooting caught on Facebook Live…these 3 men were smoking in the car, listening to music when multiple gunshots rang out and hit them all.

(Video) NYPD Saves Suicidal Man From Jumping Off Of a Bridge

Scary moment, but the NYPD handled it very well. Hit the jump and check out the nerve-racking video.

(Video) #CareFreeBlackKids2K16 Videos Shared To Bring Relief

In the midst of the recent police shootings, writer Heben Nigatu decides to compile videos of black kids actin a fool lol. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Wal-Mart Turns Into WWE In A 30 Man Brawl!

Seriously what is going in the world…some New Yorkers lost their minds in Wal-Mart and it turned into a 30 man battle royal. Hit the jump for the video.

(Video) Amputee Beggar Gets Exposed In Public!

Stuff like this will make you really think twice about giving money out to the those “in need”.

(Graphic 18+ Video) Bodycam Shows Michigan Officer Taser Then Shoot Armed Man Trying To Stab K9

Bodycam and dashcam footage caught a vicious brawl between a K9 and a man wielding a knife trying to stab a police dog. The man was fatally shot after attempting murder.

(Video) Crazy Shoot-out Between Brazilian and Paraguayan Drug Traffickers!

My question is, who’s holding the camera? Lol. All jokes aside, take a look at this bloody encounter between Brazilian and Paraguayan drug traffickers. It’s a war-zone out there, smh.

(Video) Angry Woman Hits BF With Car When He Tells Her He Has HIV & Gets Charged With Attempted Murder

What would you do in this scenario? Your significant other that you’ve likely been sleeping with for some time hits you with a bombshell – they’re HIV positive! WHAT?! Basically, they’ve been putting YOUR health at risk by not giving you the option to know sooner and take the proper measures to protect yourself. So, in a fit of rage, you hit them with your car (maybe not the smartest decision, but hey…I get it…) and now you’re charged with attempted murder, leaving the scene and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, because your neighbor’s security cameras caught it all on tape. Man!

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