(Video) Here’s How You Get Arrested For Posting On Instagram!

Now I’ve told people ‘Do Not Post your dirt on social media’, but I guess I have to expand my writing to include ‘Do Not Post Fake Dirt On Social Media’ EITHER!!!

Warning: Chris Brown x Rihanna Sextape On Facebook

If you’ve seen this on FB and clicked it, you’ve been fooled!! That’s right, the Chris Brown Rihanna Sextape is a FB scam used just to gain likes on a specific FB page, There is NO sextape, at least not leaked yet!

HLNtv Exec Albie Hecht Rebrands For The ‘Social Media Generation’

HLN, which stands for “Headline News”, which is what it was formally known as, has gone through some changes as of late, 1st in Nov 2013 they got a new boss, Albie Hecht, whom was formally with MTV, and he came in and chopped some dead weight, like “Showbiz Tonight”, and “Evening Express”, but now he’s ready to Grow!!

Whoa! Facebook To Buy Whatsapp For Billions!!!

It’s going around the web pretty hard that Facebook is going to pay $16B, but a close friend of mine told me it’s more like $19 Billion! This is an incredible amount for a Free App, that in my experience is ad free, so I wonder what FB is really getting out of this?

(Video) So This Is How Fake Social Media Makes Money!

This whole fake like, follower’s, friends, and users in social media is pretty much a bubble that desperately needs to be popped, but if it’s where FB(and possibly other SM platforms) is making it’s money, then it won’t be going away anytime soon.

(Video) Tomorrow At 3p Angie Martinez Has Something Really Dope For YOU!!

Drop below to get a sneak peek of how it’s going down!!

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