(Video) Graphic: Body Cam Catches Police Officers Using Excessive Force On Alleged Drug Addict

The body cam footage is from the Evansville police department in Indiana. In the video the police are seen using extremely excessive force. In the video the 36 year old victim could be heard whimpering for help. Please be advised that the content is graphic. Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

Lil Wayne Responds To T.I. Calling Him Out About His #BlackLivesMatter Rant : “Fck Ya”

So this past week Lil Wayne made what a lot of people (myself included) are seeing as irresponsible comments towards the Black Lives Matter movement. The most notable comment he made was that

“if you feel connected to it your crazy”.

The comments were made on several platforms such as Night line NBC and on stage at a performance. Lately T.I. called Floyd Mayweather out on his irresponsible comments towards Black Lives Matter so when Wayne’s comments surfaced, naturally everyone looked at T.I.. Wayne and T.I. are very close but that didn’t stop Tip from calling Wayne out on his nonsense. Wayne’s response? “Fck Ya”. Check out more on the story after the jump.

(Video) Man Clowns Lil Wayne For Black Lives Matter Comments

One man is not here for Lil Wayne, I mean … Lil Tuna Fish as he calls him. The man clowns Wayne for his BLM rant. He says we should not be affected by Wayne’s remarks and names many reasons why.

(Video) Lil Wayne Says He Doesn’t Feel Connected To Black Lives Matter

When Lil Wayne said he doesn’t know what racism was because he’s never experienced it, he had everyone scratching or shaking their heads. Now in his new interview with ABC’s Nightline, we get a preview where Wayne explains his disconnection to the Black Lives Matter movement and why he doesn’t feel anything.

Brody Jenner Apologizes For Insensitive Remarks Towards Black Lives Matter

Last week Brody Jenner pissed a lot of people off when he made some very ignorant remarks about police brutality. Today he apologizes for his head-assness. The post seemed sincere as he was truly apologetic. Peep his apology in his IG post after the jump.

(Video) NYPD Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man In Road Rage Incident Has Been Charged With Second Degree Murder

Finally, a little bit of justice in this crazy imbalance with cops killing innocent civilians! An NYPD officer has now been charged with second degree murder, after shooting an unarmed black man during a road rage incident while he was NOT on duty on the 4th of July.

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