NFL: Bo Jackson Says He Would’ve Never Played Football If He Knew Then What He Knows Now

image via: youtube Bo Jackson, who is still looked at as one of the best running backs in NFL history despite an injury cutting his career short, now says he would have never laced up the cleats on the gridiron if he knew then what he knows now. While he doesn’t regret how things worked out, if he could go back he would’ve only played baseball.

NFL: Bo Jackson Has Some Words For All The Cam Newton Haters Out There

Bo Jackson was arguably the greatest athlete to ever play professionals sports, as he was the first to ever be selected to an all-star game in baseball and all-pro in the NFL. So you might want to take Bo’s word when he says Cam Newton has yet to even scratch the surface when it comes to the impact Newton can make in the NFL.

(Video) 52 year-old Bo Jackson Hit A Golf Ball How Far!?

Freak Athlete and Former All-Star MLB and Pro-Bowl NFL player Bo Jackson may the most athletic player we have ever seen in sports and if not for injuries, may have been a hall-of-famer in two different sports. Watch as Bo Jackson hits a golf ball farther than most pro’s.

Sports: No Jail! Bo Jackson Wants A Different Kind of Punishment For Men Whole Stole His Memorabilia!

Bo knows and I agree with Bo Jackson on this!!  I’ve always believed that some people should pay for their crimes with the “eye for an eye” principle — or something that will hurt more than jail. Bo doesn’t want the crooks who jacked his football memorabilia from Auburn University to be locked up.  He wants public shaming instead.  Check out his idea and let us know what you think…

Sports: Two Sports in 2014?! Bo Jackson Has Advice For Russell Wilson

Bo knows!  What does Bo Jackson think of Russell Wilson being a two-sport star in 2014 (for those living under a rock – Russell has been working out with the Rangers)?!  He’s got a clear message for the Super Bowl champ. Check it out…

Mix-N-Mash: New Era Denver Broncos NFL Fitted Hat & The Nike Trainer “Bo Jackson”

Check out the mix and mash of the day. Hit the jump to see the pics and tell us what you think… DJJuanyto

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