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Bo knows and I agree with Bo Jackson on this!!  I’ve always believed that some people should pay for their crimes with the “eye for an eye” principle — or something that will hurt more than jail.
Bo doesn’t want the crooks who jacked his football memorabilia from Auburn University to be locked up.  He wants public shaming instead.  Check out his idea and let us know what you think…



Via TMZ:

“I don’t think they should serve jail time. They deserve public humiliation,” Bo Jackson tells TMZ Sports.

Jackson is referring to the 3 men who cops suspect broke into the Jordan-Hare Stadium locker room last week and stole jerseys and helmets worn by BJ and Cam Newton. All 3 men have been arrested … and, if convicted, Bo knows exactly how they should be punished.

“They should wear a sign — front and back — saying, ‘I was caught stealing and this is my punishment. To all my peers, don’t be as stupid as I was.'”

Bo adds, “These 3 individuals need to be placed in high traffic areas on campus every day for one month. 4 to 5 hour shifts. No talking. No Facebook. No Twitter. This will hurt them a lot more.”