(Video/Photos) Tech: Ubisoft Is Punishing Their Players On The Division?

Not too long ago Ubisoft released their expected free update for, Tom Clancy’s The Division, which included the anticipated Incursion, Falcon Lost. However, it didn’t take long until players found an exploit in the incursion where they were able to complete the challenging mission with ease, which has been causing quite an uproar among the The Division gaming community.

Treated Like Animals! Florida Grandmother Tied Up Children With Dog Collars!!

Usually children are happy to spend a day or two with grandma. Not these two 7 and 8 year old sisters.

NFL: Report, Adrian Peterson Will Be Reinstated By Next Week, Could Play This Season

Adrian Peterson’s appeal for his suspension from the NFL until next year is scheduled to conclude today and there are reports that Peterson is likely to win his appeal and would be reinstated early next week. That would then allow him to play this season as long as the Vikings wanted him to play. The Vikings could choose to just not play him since it will only be a few weeks left in the season by that point and the Vikings are going nowhere fast. The Fact that AP is looking like he might win the appeal is big news however because it will be another black mark on Roger Goodell’s term as commissioner when it comes to player punishment.

(Photos) After His Son Continually Misbehaved, A Military Vet Is Facing Child Cruelty Charges After THIS!!!

40-year-old Military Veteran, Charlie Mayes from Douglasville, Georgia is facing charges after being arrested for child cruelty. According to police reports, Mayes admitted to using a Military-style punishment to discipline his 16-year-old son. It’s very unfortunate for the elder Mayes, especially, because far worse ways to discipline a child come to mind but his don’t seem that bad. Check out the full scoop after the jump.

Sports: No Jail! Bo Jackson Wants A Different Kind of Punishment For Men Whole Stole His Memorabilia!

Bo knows and I agree with Bo Jackson on this!!  I’ve always believed that some people should pay for their crimes with the “eye for an eye” principle — or something that will hurt more than jail. Bo doesn’t want the crooks who jacked his football memorabilia from Auburn University to be locked up.  He wants public shaming instead.  Check out his idea and let us know what you think…

NFL: Fair?! Punishment Handed Down For Ex-Cheerleader Who Tried To Perform Oral Sex on 12 Year-Old Boy

Is it just me or does this seems like too easy of a punishment?!  An ex-NFL cheerleader’s punishment was handed down today after she allegedly tried to perform oral sex on a 12-year-old boy. Check it out & let us know what you think…

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