OVO Will Open Flagship Store in NYC

Photo Credit: Vimeo NYC – Drizzy Clause is coming to town! OVO just announced that they will be launching a flagship store in the Big Apple, which will be the third store for the brand. They also have locations in LA and of course in Drake’s hometown of Toronto. Below, you can watch the trailer for the new store, directed by Ben Solomon and produced by Angel Jonathan Rosa. No details on an opening date just yet, but we’ll keep you updated!

(Video) Shots FIRED! Mo-G Burns Drake’s OVO Clothing

If you havn’t heard, Drake’s most recent feud has been with one of his ghostwriters, Mo-G from Toronto, for not paying the dude for his services rendered. Mo claps back at Drizzy in this hateful new music video “Wiggins”, burning Drake’s signature OVO clothing. Hit the jump.

(Photos) Respect? Who Needs To Earn That Anymore? Not Jas Prince

Jas Prince really out here right now, he realizes that he has even more talents than just the music business but now he’s venturing into a new product line, a clothing business. James Prince, CEO of Rap-a-Lot Records, business mogul and philanthropist is proud to launch the exclusive celebrity brand RESPECT.

Makes Sense: Young Thug’s Stylist Reveals Why He Dresses The Way He Does!

Young Thug has an extremely odd sense of style, often being criticized as “suspect” and “girly.” However, there is apparently a method to his madness. His stylist Jojo Zarur explained to Pitchfork that Thugger only dresses certain ways because he knows people will make a big to do over it. Thug’s main purpose is to show the world he gives zero f*cks about anything the public has to say. “Sometimes he’ll do stuff on purpose that he knows will piss people off,” JoJo explained. “If people start talking sh*t about his nails being red, he’ll put crystals on the nails. Talk about his jeans, he’s like, ‘I want tighter jeans.’ He goes out of his way to make sure people know he doesn’t care.” She then went on to add, “He would go to the kid’s section and buy a kid’s dress. He told me, ‘I only feel comfortable with really tight pants.’ I will go buy him a pair of men’s pants, and I cut and sew them to a women’s fit.” I mean, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As for Thugger, if it works for him, whatevs. As much as people slander him, he’s still selling records and keeps putting out hit after hit so who can we REALLY be mad at?

(Photos) Demi Moore loses $200,000 Worth Of Clothing

Demi Moore, American thespian, filmmaker, philanthropist, and model, had reportedly lose $200,000 worth of clothing from a burglary.

#BEEN TRILL# Founder Speaks On How Kanye West Gave Him His First Big Break !

Matthew Williams the founder of popular clothing line #BEEN TRILL# is surprised on how big his brand has become. What started out as DJ’s looking to spin the tracks they wanted to hear while in London has turned into one of the most popular street-wear brands over the past few years. In just a few years it has taken a stage-front in street-wear clothing collaborating with major store’s even collaborating on a limited edition 40oz hat. Its biggest collaboration is now with the high-end luxury department store, Harvey Nichols. Williams recently did an interview with Dazed Digital and talked about how Kanye West gave him his first break.

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