Parents Blame Teachers For Doing What To Kids?!

I hear about a lot of bad teachers and sometimes I do understand how a parents can blame the teacher, but this one NAH! Parents in CT are suing the high school that their two daughters attended because they said it “changed” them. How you ask? Find out after the jump!

(Photos) Wedding Bells For Killer Charles Manson?!

Serial killer, Charles Manson, is doing a life sentence at Corcoran Prison in California for the murders of Sharon Tate and The LaBiancos. After 44 years of incarceration, Manson is rumored to be getting married to his 25 year old girlfriend, ‘Star’. In an interview with Rolling Stones Magazine, Star claims that she is the next to marry the 79 year old psycho, who recently admitted to his bisexuality and forcing himself onto other prisoners. WTF? To read more, click below.

Cult Leader Warns Followers That The End Of The World Is In 2013, OH NO!

Over history doesn’t it seem like every time a cult leader warns his followers that the end of the world is near or something along those lines, something REALLY tragic happens.  For example Jim Jones and the Kool-aid, David Koresh, Heaven’s Gate leader, Charles Manson, etc.  Warren Jeffs the leader of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is behind bars for sexually assaulting young girls , but that didn’t stop him from giving his followers a fair warning.  He has told them that the end of the world will arrive when 2013 strikes, now authorities are worried of what may occur because of this.  So many things can come forth from these brainwashed followers and only increased security may help prevent something.  He tells his followers how they can live their lives and they absolutely listen with the utmost loyalty!  Incredible what a charismatic leader is capable of, he is also a polygamist and is married to about 70 women from his community, the one he runs from prison! Steph B

Eerie Text Sent From Missing Woman’s Phone

A chilling text was sent from a missing woman’s phone which said, “The girl with this phone is dead.” Officials say that the 26-year-old woman may have joined a cult but her family thinks she has been harmed. Click below for more information. Melissa Nash

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