Police Investigating Serious Death Threats Against Chris Brown

This morning news spread that Chris Brown was receiving death threats and I assumed the threats were via Twitter or something not too serious but it turns out that they are pretty serious! The Los Angeles police department is currently investigating into the threats the Breezy has received via telephone. Although we still don’t know the details of the threats, it seems to be the same person making numerous threats against the singer. Drop down for more information.

NBA: Jason Collins Receives Death Threats After Announcing He’s Gay

Damn it man. C’mon people, you’re better than this. SMH. You don’t have to agree to it or even like it, but death threats?!  Let the man live.  I mean, don’t you have better things to do with your time than to worry about someone’s sexual orientation?!  People are just so mean & hurtful.  Check out some of the things people have said to him since his announcement…

NBA: Thunder Ball Boy Under Investigation For Sending “Death Threats” to Patrick Beverly Following Westbrook Injury

Russell Westbrook had successful surgery yesterday for a torn meniscus.  The knee injury resulted in him being out for the rest of the playoffs.  Without Westbrook many feel the Thunder have no chance to win the championship, some think they will no longer even make it to the NBA Finals.  With the West now being blown wide open, there are many of course who are extremely upset at Houston Rockets’ Patrick Beverly who was involved in the play that injured Westbrook.  Beverly’s twitter mentions were on fire following the announcement and now it appears one person has taken it too far, a Thunder ball boy.  Read more after the jump.

NFL: Michael Vick Speaks at an Atlanta Church After Receiving Violent Threats

A week after Barnes & Noble pulled the plug on a string of scheduled appearances citing safety concerns, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick appeared at a church in Georgia on Saturday to sign copies of his autobiography, “Michael Vick: Finally Free.”  Read more after the jump.

NFL: Michael Vick Speaks Out on Death Threats!

I’ve already said it numerous times, but I’ll say it again — The man made a mistake, paid his debt to society and has NOT been in trouble since. Everyone deserves a second chance. On Tuesday, Michael Vick’s book-signing tour had been cancelled due to death threats. He is now speaking out on the situation. Check out what he had to say…

NFL: Michael Vick Cancels Book Tour Due To Death Threats. They Threatened To Do What?!

Will people ever let this go?! Damn, what happened to giving people a second chance? The guy hasn’t done anything wrong since being released from jail. Give the man a break. SMH. And yes, I say this as a dog lover (shout to Baby Bijan). Michael Vick’s book-signing tour has been canceled because of threats. Details after the jump…

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