Boxing: Timothy Bradley Receiving Death Threats Since Pacquiao Fight

Sabrina B. Timothy Bradley joined ESPN Radio Chicago with Waddle and Silvy on Thursday to talk about the aftermath of the Pacquiao fight & it’s clear that Bradley really believes that his victory was deserved. Bradley talked about how his corner felt he won the fight, as well as how when he heard the third judge’s scorecard, he knew he had won. But everything hasn’t been peachy keen for Bradley after his victory — he’s received death threats as a result of the win.

(Photo) NBA: Company Gets Death Threats Over OKC Thunder T-Shirts

Sabrina B. A simple message used to show support for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder sparked outrage.  The New York Times’ Howard Beck, on his way from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City to cover Monday’s Game 5 between the Lakers and Thunder, uncovered this rather shady T-shirt design on Sunday. Check the rest of the story along with the pic & let us know what you think…

(Video & Audio) UFC: Ex-MMA Fighter Threatens to Shoot UFC President Dana White in The Head

UFC Prez Dana White is on the receiving end of some terrifying death threats from an ex-MMA fighter who says he plans to “shoot [Dana] right in the head” — and now cops are on the case. It’s unclear what started the beef, but the wannabe fighter – Dan Quinn — has gone off the hinges, leaving voicemail messages threatening to blow up Dana’s offices and put a bullet in the back of his head. Quinn’s fighting career spanned nine years from 2001-2010. He never fought in the UFC, but did face off against a couple of future UFC fighters, including 2004 heavyweight champ Frank Mir (Quinn got beat). Quinn has made rambling threats against White for several years on YouTube. They escalated recently after Quinn somehow got Dana’s private work number and left chilling messages. In the voicemails, obtained by TMZ, the delusional Quinn accuses White of sending in henchmen to kill him, claiming, “I just want you to know, since you’re bringing that to me, you should be worried about your own safety, bitch.” Quinn adds, “I’m gonna shoot you right in the head motherf**ker.” The voicemails get even weirder — one from a guy (presumably Quinn) speaking in an Irish accent and calling himself “Paddy O’Neill.” The “Irish” interloper then makes several threats. We’re told White has never met or spoken with Quinn — sources say the Prez never ever heard of the dude until last week, when the voicemail threats got crazy. White’s security team turned the voicemails over to the Vegas PD, which is currently investigating. Calls…

NBA: Lakers Guard Steve Blake & Wife Receive Death Threats

Sabrina B. Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Blake was the unsung hero of his team’s first-round series victory over the Denver Nuggets, scoring 19 points in Game 7. But he learned quickly how a town can turn on him after he missed a potential game-winning 3 in the Lakers’ 77-75 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday.

NBA: Bulls Player Faces Twitter Death Threats After Loss

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl While there are many examples of how social media has changed the relationships between professional athletes and fans for the better, we’ve been overrun with examples lately of just how much negativity can also be disseminated via these platforms.

Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Allegedly Beefing Up On Security Because Of Threats From #RihannaNavy

Some of these “fans” take things entirely too far. I’ve received many a death threat from Lil Kim’s fans when I say something about liking Nicki more or anything close to it. Newsflash guys….these artists both DO NOT WANT you to threaten anyone, AND wouldn’t do the same for you. Should you ever follow through on it (I’d hope not but..), you’d be sitting in a jail cell angry and that artist would go about living their life just fine. Just some food for thought! Back to the matter at hand…Karrueche has had to beef up on security as of late after this entire Rihanna war has been going on. She’s been getting threats like “I hope Rihanna beat the dog shit outa yo ass!” and “Watch yo back” and “I will kill you.” Always nice. TMZ reports she now refuses to leave her house without Chris’s security. Makes sense! Do you think that’s the right thing to do or she’s overreacting? Marisa Mendez

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