Intense! Rick Ross Being Guarded By NYC Cops Round-The-Clock Due To Death Threats!

Damn! It seems like gangs are really out for Rick Ross! They’ve been threatening him heavily the past couple months, and the threats have gotten so intense that he now has NYC cops watching him round-the-clock. It seems like the Florida shooting was a warning to him. Crazy. Hit the jump for more details.

Fan That Odd Future Beat Up Is Now Getting Death Threats From Other Fans

Seems like this kid can’t catch a break, huh? After 17-year-old Chassan Rasagi was stomped the f#$k out by Odd Future when he jumped on stage at a recent concert, he’s now getting death threats from other fans because he filed a police report for his injuries immediately after the incident. Details on what they’re saying below. Marisa Mendez

NFL: Mark Sanchez Receiving Death Threats! Fan Tells Him Don’t Go To Practice or Bullets Everywhere

I really don’t know what more I can say about things like this. WHY are people taking it to this level?!  Yea, you’re mad.  Your team sucks.  Your team is out of the playoffs cause your QB turned the ball over 5 times in a game that ended your playoff hopes. I get it. BUT death threats?! Really?!  With all the violence that has taken place lately, you think this is the right place to go?! CHILLLLLLLLLL!!!! Mark Sanchez has received death threats from a fan on Twitter.  Thank goodness the NFL is aware of the situation and are handing it.  The fan later apologized, but his tweets are CRAZY and not sure if an apology is enough. GameTimeGirl

(Videos) Police Investigating Rick Ross’ Gang-Related Death Threats!!!

If you haven’t heard, a Chicago gang has made death threats at Rick Ross… After a video surfaced of the gang’s threats, and then after Rozay opened up to the media about it, Chicago police decided to open up an investigation. Hit the jump for further details and the videos. Melissa

CRAZY! The Real Reason Rick Ross Canceled His North Carolina Concerts

Rick Ross had concerts this weekend in Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina but suddenly canceled them at last minute. Many people speculated that he wasn’t feeling well since he is known to have seizures, but he has taken the stage on Thursday and last night so clearly that’s not the reason. Now we have some idea as to why he canceled his shows and it’s pretty shocking. According to reports, Rozay was receiving death threats by a gang, Gangster Disciples. His beef with the beef stems from Ross’ mention of their leader, Larry Hoover, as well as Ross using their sign on his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape cover. Today on Twitter I noticed people had some pretty negative things to say about Ross cancelling the shows, but as MTV’s Rob Markman pointed out, it’s pretty stupid to call Ross “weak” for canceling the show when if BIG would have done it, he could have still been alive today. Do you think it’s weak of Ross to cancel his show or smart of him? Let us know below! Julie A.

NFL: Redskins WR Gets Death Threats on Twitter!

Washington Redskins receiver Joshua Morgan felt the full downside of the social media age this week, receiving death threats and other venomous messages on Twitter because of his fourth-quarter blunder in the loss to the St. Louis Rams. GameTimeGirl

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