(Photos) NBA: Seth Curry Keeps It In The Family And Will Wear #30

Seth Curry has recently been picked up by the Sacramento Kings after balling out in the summer league. Like his brother, Chef Curry, Seth will sport the number 30 on his jersey!

Tech Talk News: Dell Says Goodbye To The Smartphone Market

Dell says goodbye to the international smartphone market, why? Dell thinks its to expensive to compete and it takes too much of an investment before you can see any profits. And the company will also stop making Android devices also, but will continue making Windows Tablets and computer.The reason why Dell will no longer make Android devices is According to the company’s VP of Global Operations, Jeff Clarke says in a few years Android will no longer be relevant. It would be in Dell’s best interest to concentrate on computers, because their smartphones never did take off.

Tech Talk News: Dell’s First Windows 8 Spec Sheet Leaks!!!

Looks like Dells first tablet spec sheet just sprung a leak. With rumors swirling that Google may reveal their Nexus tablet in the coming weeks, it wouldn’t be surprising if Dell put the leaked spec out themselves to create some hype. Yungjohnnybravo X TatWZA

(Photo) Tech Talk Device: Is This Replacing The iPod???

LOL, I mean I don’t think so, but this guy seems to be having Fun with it!! Hit the Jump, if you haven’t already. +TatWZA

Tech Talk News: Blackberry Takes Another Loss???

Yes in a way, Dell Computer Company internally uses Blackberries for their enterprise system, but Dell Recently told it’s Employees to cut ties with their BB’s, and Start using the companies very own Dell Venue, a windows 7 phone, Hit the Jump for Dell’s Reason, and RIM’s response!! +TatWZA

Tech Talking Device: Battle At Best Buy For Small Tablets!!!

Once Again My Trip to Best Buy has something for you to see, which smaller Tablet would you get??? The Original Galaxy, or the Huawei 7″er, or the Dell Streak?? Well hit the Jump and Check out the facts!!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: Dell’s Laptop Light!

It’s Truly the season of the Light Notebook, Or Notebook Lite As it were. Of course Apple lead the way, showed them the “LITE” if you will but not only has Acer and Samsung challenged them, Now Dell is showing off a version of it’s own, Hit the Jump to see the tease for yourself. @TatWZA

Mobile Computing: What Would You Prefer Tablet, Netbook, Laptop, Or Notbbook????

Netbooks haven’t exactly popped off since Tablets(iPad’s, Xoom, Galaxy S Fam, and Much More coming) have been dominating the field, and word is what’s called *Notbook’s(see definition in Details) have def replaced netbooks, which were replacing Laptop’s and Tablet’s are replacing Everything, But We at IFWT want to know what’s your Preference(besides Beamer, Benz, or Bently). Take a look at the Latest Netbook, Notbook, Tablet, and PC after the Jump. Netbook / Notbook / Tablet / Laptop Netbook Notbook Tablet Laptop Web Polls @TatWza(Read, then answer the Poll)

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