Florida Rappers Rob And Kill A Drug Dealer Just To Flash His Money At A Show

Joseph Brandon, Jonathan Felix, and Dylan Kindred, who also go by, Waxx, Killa, and DK, were recently arrested after they allegedly robbed and killed Tyler Macklin over $300. The young men were rappers. They used the money to flash at a club they were performing at.

(Photo) Florida Police Go After A Teen Who Tried To Ask For Weed On Twitter

A high school senior tweeted about how she needed weed. The teen said she needed a quick fix after a ‘bum night.

(Video) Kodak Black Gets Arrested In Florida

Early yesterday morning, up and coming rapper Kodak Black was arrested in his home state of Florida. The 18 year-old’s arrest footage was released and is showing him being cuffed and put into a police vehicle.

Two Men Have Been Arrested For Possession Of Cocaine Concealed In A Cereal Box

What kind of cereal do you like? Wheaties, the breakfast for champions. Trix, cause they really aren’t just for kids or a box of cocaine? Yep folks….cocaine. Two men have been arrested this week after a traffic stop led police in Florida to discover an unusual breakfast cereal. Police arrested Efren Zuniga and Jose Moreno because they had more than 500 grams of cocaine wrapped and concealed in a cereal box. Check out the rest if this story after the jump.

Dam…Man Finds Bullet In His Testicles After Wife Shoots Him For Cheating!!

Play no games. This wife shot her cheating husband after catching her partner of 16 years in the lie. Gun to the face or not, all is fair in love and war. Hit the jump!

(Video) WTF: Woman Arrested After Her Boyfriend Turned In Videos Of Her Having Sex With Her Pets

A Florida woman has been arrested after reportedly filming herself having sex with her two pet dogs. Miranda Johns, 21, was arrested this week and charged with three counts of engaging in sexual conduct with an animal. Her boyfriend was being interviewed by authorities about a sexual battery case that involved Johns. Johns boyfriend denied harming her but instead showed deputies videos that she sent him having sex with two dogs. WTF? Check out the rest of this story after the jump.

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