(Video) Florida Man Twerks While In Court

A florida man made a scene in bond court as he was arrested for stealing a car from a high school parking lot. When the man walked into court, he screamed “How you doing?” at the judge as he twerked. Judge Catherine M. Pooler was highly unamused at this behavior.

(Video + Photo) UPDATE: Ex-Wife Of Orlando Night Club Shooter Speaks Out

Ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, of the Orlando night club shooter who is suspected of killing 50 people and injuring 53 has come forward and gave some information about the shooters past. She said that Omar Mateen was violent and mentally unstable and beat her numerous times while they were married.

(Video + Photo) Teenage Boy Bitten By Shark In Florida

A 13 year old boy was bitten at the beach yesterday afternoon, by a shark swimming in 2-3 foot deep water. The shallows….

(Video) Florida Women Beat Up A Victoria’s Secret Employee For Trying To Stop A Robbery

Florida Police are searching for five woman who beat up a Victoria’s Secret employee. The woman was trying to stop them from robbing the store. She noticed one of the woman was moving towards the exit of the store with her merchandise shopping. The employee kindly went up to the woman asking to hold her bag when she was punched in her face.

Florida School Sends Students Home For Wearing Haitian Flags On Haitian Flag Day

Usually on Haitian Flag Day, proud Haitians rock their flags and celebrate their country’s independence. But students at a Florida high school were surprised when they were asked to remove their prideful clothes and some were even sent home! Read more after the jump.

Perv Alert: Man Rapes A 6-Year-Old Little Girl While Her Grandmother Was Sleeping

A Florida man is currently behind bars after being accused of raping a six-year-old little girl while her grandmother was sleeping. 27-year-old Nathan Valentin was a maintenance man at the little girl’s home when the incident occurred. Read the rest of this story after the jump.

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