The 2017 Grammy Nominations Have Been Announced

Today, Meghan Trainor and CBS brought to us the nominees for the 2017 Grammy Awards. Check the list of nominees for the big 4 awards below.

Frank Ocean On The Grammy’s: “I’d Rather This Be My Colin Kaepernick Moment”

Dam. Looks like we really won’t be seeing Frank at the Grammy’s next year…he says he’d rather pull a move like Colin Kaepernick with the national anthem, than sit in the audience and wait not to be the winner.

(Video) Kanye West To Boycott Grammy Awards If Frank Ocean’s ‘Blond’ Isn’t Nominated

Ye lets it flow this time around in Oakland, for justice for Frank Ocean getting some more Grammy’s. He goes on to mention Lady Gaga and how the Recording Academy allegedly changed the rules in 2009 for her.

Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ Will Not Be Up For Any Grammy Awards In 2017

The Grammy awards are starting to cross people’s minds as we approach December when nominations are announced. This year Frank Ocean made his inevitable return with Blonde, but unfortunately it won’t be winning any Grammys.

(Photos) Chance The Rapper Is Gunning For The Grammys

Grammy season is about to be upon us come December 6th once the nominees have been announced. Back in mid-June, just a few weeks after the release of his highly acclaimed Coloring Book, The Recording Academy announced stream-only projects will now be in consideration for GRAMMY Awards. Chance could have a golden grampophone.

Recording Academy Announces New Rules For Grammy Eligibility

The Grammy’s are switching things up a bit in the ever changing landscape of Music. More artists can now be eligible for the Best New Artist award and streaming only music (such as Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book) will now be eligible to receive the prestigious awards.

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