Justin Bieber Groupie Freaks Out & Calls Police To His Hotel Room

Justin Bieber has been staying low-key and out of trouble, which is very unlike the 21-year-old Pop star sensation. However, this one particular groupie could have messed it all up for him. JB and a bunch of girls were partying it up at the Rosewood Hotel in London when one of the chicks decided to get crazy and lose her marbles in the lobby of the hotel.

Woahhhhh Buddy: August Alsina’s Groupies Are Coming Crazy Online!

Between August Alsina’s dope voice and his cute face, it is already a known fact that the ladies are going to go crazy over the 23-year-old New Orleans native. In fact, it seems that he has some very…um.. “willing” fans out there. His fans online sometimes can get a tad bit crazy, voicing how they feel without any type of chill in sight. A random Twitter groupie hit up August and told him the explicit things she wants to do to him. His response – an instant classic! Check the gallery to see what August’s wild groupie wants to do to him. LAWD!

(Video) Jason Derulo Shuts One Groupie Out Of The Party Bus And She’s Pretty P’Oed

Last night when Jason Derulo left Argyle Nightclub in Hollywood he brought a group of girlfriends back with him. You can see Jason leaving the club and the groupies hoping into the party bus one by one. Someone in his crew goes to shut the door leaving one of the girls out on the sidewalk. TMZ, is there to capture the sad yet completely hilarious scene unfold. The groupie left out begins to make a scene, claiming that Derulo asked her to come out, picked up her friends and left without her. In the meantime one of her friends texts her from inside the party bus suggesting she get in an Uber. LOL, its rough being a groupie. Check out the footage below.

Future’s Baby Mama Addresses Groupie Who Claims She JUST Slept With Future [& Details His Privates]

As a rapper’s significant other, or any celebrity for that matter, it’s almost an unwritten rule that you KNOW your man has groupies and will most likely cheat. However, it’s all up to the woman as to how she plans on handling that type of situation. As for Future’s baby mother (and alleged girlfriend again) Brittni Mealy, she seems to have a clear understanding that her [possible] man steps out on her. A random groupie commented on her page, claiming she slept with Future a few weeks ago in Detroit. This chick, who goes by “wetapple_” on Instagram, even went as far as detailing the moles around the “56 Nights” rapper’s private parts. Brittni shot back at the groupie, explaining that he’s for “them and everyone else” and telling the female that she hopes she had more sense than to just only leave with a “wet p*ssy.” Ouch. Check out the back and forth in the gallery.

(Photos) Yikes! Tammy Rivera Goes At It With Groupie On Instagram Over Waka Flocka!

Instagram makes it just SO easy to get into on-line disputes with just about anyone. If you’re lucky, the celebrities that get trolled by these internet thugs respond RANDOMLY, bringing internet fame to these big ol’ nobodies. However, a random groupie tried it with Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Tammy Rivera via her Instagram page, coming out of her mouth about Waka Flocka’s A1 pipe game. The woman, who goes by the username @Glossy_Fever, wrote to Tammy, “WAKA HAS SOME GOOD D*CK I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT.” Tammy clapped back 24 minutes later by saying, “Good cause that’s all you got to hold on to is that wet ass lol… Girl go make some money to much to be made to be on IG bragging bout some d&ck… Now that was some free advice from a woman to a Thot next time you going to have to pay me or suck my d&ck too.” WELP! People are coming at Tammy in her mentions saying she’s dumb for “accepting” the fact her man cheats on her but I don’t think that’s the case at all. Better to come at the heauxs with class than to get ratchet and end up on TMZ in a fighting video!

(Photos) Wild Groupie Puts Wale On Blast; Wale Tries To Deny Entire Ordeal

Looks like Wale fell victim yet again in 2015 to someone else trying to put him on blast via social media. A random jump-off (she said it herself, not me) on Twitter who goes by the name Marilyn MonDROE tried to blast the MMG rapper, claiming she had sex with him all over his home and that he was bad mouthing Rihanna and Ja Rule. She went as far as tweeting out pics of his alleged pad along with DMs and personal text conversations with the “Bad” artist, claiming she let both Wale AND his cousin hit for $$ (WOAH). Wale is denying ever having had any sexual relations with the crazed attention-seeking Twitter groupie, but she seems to have quite the case to plead with her proof. Check out the entire back and forth drama over in the gallery between Wale vs. Marilyn MonDROE. MESSY, MESSY!

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