(Graphic Video) Bodycam Shows Man Armed With Knife Being Shot By Police

A police bodycam has captured the shooting of a man armed with a knife in Maryland. In the footage we see two police officers entering the apartment building of 48-year-old Bryant Junious Palmer. As police ring the man’s doorbell, he opens it storming out with the knife in hand screaming “time to die” as he run towards the officers.

(Graphic Video) Police Kill Man Wielding Knife In Baltimore

In a video footage, we see police killing a man after receiving calls about him causing a huge disturbance in front of a business. The was was reportedly threatening people who were waiting for a nearby bus.

(Video) Man Walks Into A Hospital With A Knife Lodged In His Head

28-year-old Clever Campos Oyarce, of Iquitos, Peru, is a taxi driver. He was stabbed in the head and the knife remained lodged into his skin. Crazy! He was able to stay conscious enough to walk into the hospital that way. Oyarce had an argument with Henry Saldana Sousa which resulted in him being stabbed in the head.

(Graphic Video) Man Gets Stabbed Repeatedly During NYC Fight

People truly don’t fight fair ones anymore. In a video we see a NYC subway fight that genuinely went too far. A group of guys are seen fighting. The fight went way left as one of the men gets stabbed repeatedly.

(Video) 19 People Killed In Japan Mass Knife Attack After A Man Broke Into A Disabled Center

19 people were killed and 26 injured during a mass stabbing spree in Japan. This killing makes it one of Japan’s deadliest mass killings since World War II. This is terrible. Aging from 18 to 70, 9 men and 10 woman were killed during the attack.

(Video) Grandma Pulls A Knife Out On Her Grandson For Being Disrespectful

A grandmother and her grandkids are in the car when things take a hilarious turn. The grandmother shows she plays no games when it comes to disrespect. she takes a knife out of her bag and tells her grandson to ‘shut the f*ck up.’ Don’t mess with grandma!

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