A police bodycam has captured the shooting of a man armed with a knife in Maryland. In the footage we see two police officers entering the apartment building of 48-year-old Bryant Junious Palmer. As police ring the man’s doorbell, he opens it storming out with the knife in hand screaming “time to die” as he run towards the officers.

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The officers then pulled their weapons out and shot as the man fell to the ground. They ordered him to put his hands behind his back and they handcuffed them. One officer order everyone inside the mans apartment to stay inside while the other officer goes into his car and puts on his gloves and gets something to try and secure the mans bleeding gun shot wound. He tells the man that medics are coming and to stay with him. When the officer asks the man what happened, the man says he heard voices that were tormenting him. Pretty scary. I’m sure neither officer was expecting this man to charge at that upon answering the door.

Check out the full encounter below.

Source: WSHH