(Photo) 13-Year-Old Queens Kid’s Gun Is Fake, But THIS Is Real!!!

Queens get the money, but not like this. A 13-year-old kid from the borough was caught shoplifting — but that’s not it. When searched by the police, they found a fake pistol, but attached to its muzzle was a very real knife. Check it out after the jump.

WOW!! Shots Fired Rambo Style! Man Brings His Uzi To A Bar Fight?!

A Florida resident was having a drink at Europa Lounge in Flager County and came back hours later ready to kill. How did a trip to the bar turn into this?

(Video/Photos) SMH! Man Murders Boss Over Photo Being Uploaded Without Permission

There has to be something in the water in Florida, they are stone cold Crazy down there…Maybe the heat is just frying brains. 42 Year old Fla. man, Tilus Lebrun, wasn’t happy about some picture being uploaded to the internet, and went off in a rage slicing up his boss in front of 20 or so witnesses….

(Photos) Father That Shot His Own 15-Year Old Son Won’t Be Getting Any Jail Time!!

One popular fifth-grade teacher from Connecticut has avoided any jail time in the shooting death of his very own son. It turns out that his son was wearing a ski mask while holding a knife in what looked like the attempted burglary of the home of the father’s sister. More info after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) Russian Road Rage Ends In Fight!!

Straight out of a video game, one upset motorist continuously chased down a man driving a passenger van after an apparent fit of road rage. It took three failed attempts to block the driver of the van in before the driver of the sedan decided to fish tail him. Once the van spun out of control and stopped the driver of the sedan raced over with a knife. Unfortunately — for him — the driver of the van emerged with a shovel. Hit the jump to see who won!

Man Pulls Out Knife On Brother For Making Too Many PB&J Sandwiches?!

This man clearly takes his PB&J’s very seriously, as he allegedly pulled out a knife on his own brother for using up too much of the sandwich favorite, hit the jump for more!

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