(Video) OK! Angry Birds Maker Gets Into Flappy Style Gaming!!!

Rovio gets all up in the flappy style gaming with ‘Retry’, but it’s not a foul thing, but it is flying!!

(Video) With Flappy Bird Dead In Stores, Is “Ironpants” A Good Replacement?!?

Flappy Bird is indeed gone from The App Store, but I do still see it in Google play, I’m sure that’s because Google Play is always just a step behind The App Store. So what do we do now, how can we fill up those hours we have learned to waist playing Flappy Bird?? Well don’t fret, I’ve found a similar game to take up that train ride time, “Ironpant”!!

(Video) RP1 iOS Gaming Controller, And More Great Mobile Gaming Accessories!! #CES2014

So I walked into this booth because I saw this controller on the wall, but didn’t see it in the booth, so when I asked where it was, they said in the back, only available to special invitee’s….so I went in the back to see it, and got some good footage of the new iOS gaming Controller RP1.

Mobile Gaming Getting That Paper?!?!

With the tablet & smartphone takeover, many gamers have switched from their traditional gaming system to a mobile gaming platform. Wether it be on a cell phone or a larger tablet, developers have almost seamlessly bridged the gap in mobile gameplay quality. All those traditional Playstation 2 classics like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City & Max Payne have been converted mobile and the gameplay is the same if not better.

Will Special Controllers Help Mobile Take Over Gaming???

With the soaring growth in mobile gaming, comes a high demand for more! How can we game more, what more can we do with games, and how can we keep it mobile? Well many companies are stepping outside of the box; not so much the development of software as it is the hardware that could make the difference. Hit the jump to see some some cool new gadgets perfect for the mobile gamer this holiday season. Tat Wza

Tech Talk Gaming: The Pigs From Angry Birds Will Finally Get Their Revenge!

No one likes those Green pigs from Angry Birds but they might not become the good guys. Check out the new development in the Angry Birds series. ShottaDru X TatWza

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