Mobile Gaming

With the tablet & smartphone takeover, many gamers have switched from their traditional gaming system to a mobile gaming platform. Wether it be on a cell phone or a larger tablet, developers have almost seamlessly bridged the gap in mobile gameplay quality. All those traditional Playstation 2 classics like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City & Max Payne have been converted mobile and the gameplay is the same if not better.

GREE & Funzio

Although users are asked to purchase the game again, if already owned on another system, they can now play this game anywhere they take their tablet/smartphone. This convenience is well worth the one-time fee, raking in big bucks for the mobile gaming industry. “It’s 4X and beyond in terms of revenue [compared to a year ago],”  Anil Dharni, GREE’s senior vp of studio operations stated “A major contributor is the emergence of the iPad as a gaming device, something that other developers like Supercell have said is a huge part of their financial success.” Dharni was originally the CEO of Funzio, a game development company, which was purchased not so long ago by GREE for $210 million.

Tat Wza