Kicks: Check out My First Number Book – Air Jordan Concept Reading Book For Kids

This can one for your a Air Jordan Collector or a great reading tool for you little child. Author, Jacinta Danielle Conza has brewed up a amazing concept for kids to read and know their kick game proper. This is reading with a “twist”, the book is called “My First Number Book” which basically is a counting book from one to ten that uses Nike Air Jordan sneakers one to ten as visual aids. The packaging on the book is dope and comes with it’s own cement print box. For more pics and where to get your own is after the jump…

(Photos) She May Be A Basketball Wives Star, But Draya Still Parties At Tiny Bars In Her Hometown!

People always complain about stars getting famous, leaving “the hood” and never coming back, but model-turned-reality star Draya Michele doesn’t fit under that category! The Basketball Wives star resides in L.A. and undoubtedly attends fancy parties with bottle service and plenty of celebs on the regular, but that doesn’t mean she can’t come back to where it all started and have a beer at the bar with her hometown friends! Over the weekend, the Reading, PA native headed back home to see her family, and saw one of her girls was having an event at the bar they’d used to frequent back in the day. So she gathered a couple of her friends and hit the spot, no “appearance fee,” no asking for free drinks…nothing. Definitely got to salute that! Check some more pics from the night via Poppin Parties in the gallery. (And shout to Beasy for a wonderful charity event earlier that night with guest speaker Dr. Johnson!) Marisa Mendez

Tech Talk Apps: Remember Reading Rainbow? Well Its Back!!

80’s and 90’s babies probably all know the theme song from Reading Rainbow. It was an innovative television show which helped kids with their reading and grammar from 1983 to 2006. Well it has relaunched particularly for tablets so your kids can now learn that catchy theme song and enhance their reading skills. Hit the jump to check out the new Reading Rainbow. ShottaDru X TatWza

(Photo) NBA: Lebron James Spotted Reading Again Before Game: This Time In Boxers & DuRag

Sabrina B. I’m still not sure why this is a story, but I suppose fans do like to know how some of their favorite athletes prepare for games.  Earlier this week LeBron was spotted reading ‘Hunger Games’ before taking on the Pacers. Last night he was spotted reading the Hunger Games sequel ‘Catching Fire’ BUT this time in his underwear. I mean, why not?!  They did win the game & shut down the Pacers…whatever works! Lol. Check it out…

Tech Talk Study: Have E-Books Become More Popular Than Physical Books??

You now how much I love my iPad and Kindle. After learning about the show the Walking Dead I was able to read the comic easily with my iPad. Well is reading one of the more popular functions behind the whole tablet craze? Hit the jump to check out the study. @ShottaDru X @TatWza

Baboons Being Taught How To Read

Experiments in France have shown that baboons have the ability to complete the first step in reading, combining four letter words. Baboons sit in-front of a computer screen and a series of four letter combinations appear on the screen, when a real word pops up the baboon pushes a button. Many of the baboons are doing very, very well during the test and scientists believe they can take it one step further. Clearly they have never seen Planet of the Apes, read more below. Julie1205

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