Pay Your Bills: Riff Raff Sued For $68K In Overdue Rent

It looks like Riff Raff hasn’t been paying his bills! The Houston rapper is being sued by his landlord for $68,500 for overdue rent after he allegedly failed to pay up. That amount also includes a lot of damages he apparently did to the house which includes a 40 gallon fish tank, 5 cent Vegas slot machines and a pool table that turns into a ping-pong table. Hopefully the 33-year-old can get his finances in order and pay his debt off quick before 5-0 gets him!

(Video) Miguel Performs Concert For A Struggling Family In Their Living Room

Recently, singer Miguel teamed up with ‘Make Room’ a campaign that works to “end the rental housing crisis in America.” Part of the foundation’s mission to spread awareness about the amount of people struggling in America is “Concerts for the 1st.” Through this program artists come into the homes of these families and put on an acoustic concert. Check out the video below.

It Doesn’t End: Tyga Owes Even MORE Money Now For Rent!

Tyga’s financial woes just cannot seem to stop following him! Aside from his other legal issues, the California-born rapper is now being issued by a judge to pay his landlord approximately $70K for his Calabasas home. His landlord has allegedly experienced many issues in regards to late rent payments (up to months at a clip!) with Tyga. The 25-year-old, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner, failed to appear in court on Monday when the judge made his decision. Looks like he’ll just have to stop buying Kylie cars worth $320 for her birthday and pay his rent!

Tyga Clears Up Owing Rent Drama; Says He Doesn’t Owe $$ Because He’s BUYING The House!

Aside from his own personal drama, Tyga has been dealing with some serious financial woes as of lately regarding rent money being owed. His landlord is suing him for two months of missed rent, equaling out to about $50,000. However, King Tyga is denying all accusations and explains what really happened (or so he says.) Tyga claims a year ago, he put down $200,000 on a mansion in Calabassas – the same one he’s at now. The landlord said he’s be able to move right on in without paying any rent. He says Escrow was supposed to close a few months ago but it never did because his bank never provided the correct information for his loan to get processed. Are we buying Tyga’s sob story or nah?

Tyga Is Being Sued…AGAIN!

Between the controversy and the lawsuits, Tyga is constantly getting himself involved in some nonsense! T-Raww is being sued by his landlord (AGAIN) for being late on his rent. He apparently is behind two months worth at $25K per month. If he doesn’t cough up the dough by Saturday, the landlord says he’ll be charging Tyga $833.33 A DAY that he’s not paid. Keep in mind, this is the second time Tyga gets sued for not paying his rent on time. Last month, he was hit with a lawsuit by his former Calabassas landlord for being behind $80,000. The most ironic part of this story is that Tyga’s rented home is the same place he lived at with his baby mama, Blac Chyna, so her name is on the court documents too. I’m sure that court date is going to be a tad bit awkward. How did Tyga’s 17-year-old girlfriend Kylie Jenner just drop $2.7 million for a mansion and he is having issues paying his rent?! Insane! Maybe when Kylie officially turns 18 in a few more days, she can move her older rapper bae into her crib so he doesn’t have to worry about these pesky lawsuits every other month.

Jason Derulo Puts Ex Jordin Sparks On Blast After BMW Allegations!!

The breakup between Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo gets messier and messier every time I hear about it. SMH! Read more after the jump…

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